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South Africans can now face 6 months in prison for not wearing a mask



On Monday, President Ramaphosa said the simplest way to stop the virus from spreading is to wear a mask. Until now, business owners had a legal obligation for everyone to wear a mask. But given the dangerous situation in which the country finds itself, everyone will be held legally accountable for wearing a mask.

From now on, everyone must wear masks in public spaces. Anyone who does not do so will commit an offense. They can face up to 6 months in prison or a fine. He admits it is a drastic step but that it is necessary.

There is great concern about the elderly and those with underlying illnesses. He asks that they do their best to reduce contact with others.

For 14 days, all indoor and outdoor events will be banned, except for funerals and some restrictions such as restaurants, gyms, and casinos. The Minister will set this out clearly in the regulations. More than 50 people may not attend funerals. Each business premises must determine how many customers they may serve based on the guidelines over a healthy distance. The national check-in rule will apply from 21:00 to 06:00. All non-essential premises, such as restaurants and bars, must be closed by 20:00.



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