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Fiona Viotti investigation canceled after opportunistic school boys refused to testify



The South African Council for Educators (SACE) has officially canceled its investigation into Fiona Viotti, a former teacher at Bishops College in Rondebosch.

No parents or pupils were willing to testify in the SACE investigation against Viotti, who was found guilty by the school of sexual misconduct involving at least five pupils.

“Because no parent was willing to allow their children to make statements to SACE, the ethics committee had no choice but to suspend the case for the time being.

“It is being stopped in the hope that one day we may come across witnesses who are willing to help us with our investigations,” he said.

Moroasui submitted his investigation report to the ethics committee on Thursday.

“I had to postpone the date of the presentation from October 15 to December 3, as we then heard from a student who was possibly willing to testify.

“The legal representative of the pupil in question then informed us that he would not grant any interview with SACE.

“That is why we had to submit our final report last week to close the case due to a lack of cooperation from witnesses. We are now closing the file and will notify the parties. ”



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