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DA calls on international human rights organizations to pressure ANC over farm murders



The DA wants international human rights organizations to pressure the South African government to combat attacks on farmers and workers in South Africa.

Therefore, the party wrote to ten international organizations about it because the ANC government “continues to ignore the plight of South Africans in rural areas.”

Dianne Kohler Barnard, DA MP and the party’s spokesperson on state security, said in a statement on Monday that these organizations were called upon to exert pressure from “every possible direction” until the extraordinary danger in which rural residents find themselves, with better equipment, human resources and intelligence are solved.

“In the wake of a weekend with more farm attacks in which farmworkers were tied up and threatened, farmers and their families were terrorized and shot at, and a visitor to a farm was shot dead, it must be crystal clear that there is an orchestrated attempt to kill anyone.

“The horrific torture of those who live in our rural areas and produce the very food we eat must be hung on the big bell for the rest of the world.”

According to Kohler Barnard, the ANC narrative that no farmers are killed in South Africa has been unfortunately accepted abroad for too long.

She says the time has come to tell internationally that the situation is becoming increasingly violent.



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