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Dis-Chem becomes EFF’s latest target



A pro-EFF Twitter account recently Tweeted out an image of Dis-Chem employees with the caption: “Employees at hemmingways Dischem East London are being mistreated and made to have lunch on the passage way while the white people eat at the cafeteria and are allowed to use the kitchen while blacks are not allowed.”

The leaders of the EFF were fast to share.

What are South Africans saying?

I may be corrected if I’m wrong, I’ve worked in a shop before and eating in the canteen is normally boring because we inside 80% of the time so going outside to have lunch and being able to lie down after standing for the whole day is refreshing.


Let’s hear from the employees first. Not jump to conclusions.


They looking for attention that’s all… They been doing that all the time


This comes after the EFF recently terrorized South African schools and Clicks stores.



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