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Race must play a factor to be considered for appointing a medical specialist in SA, says Health Minister



Race, gender, and disability are some of the criteria that must be considered when appointing or promoting medical specialists in state hospitals and other health facilities, says Zweli Mkhize, Minister of Health.

Mkhize further said that appointments and the filling of posts in the public service should promote equality and other democratic values ​​and principles in the Constitution in terms of the Public Service Act.

“Therefore, all persons who qualify for the relevant appointment, transfer or promotion will be considered, and the evaluation will be based on their training, skills, competence, and knowledge, as well as on the need to correct the imbalances of the past to obtain public service that is broadly representative of the South African nation. This includes representation by race, gender, and disability. ”

However, according to Mkhize, his department is not aware of any discrimination against qualifying applicants.

“If there is no applicant from a targeted group in terms of the employment equity targets, institutions request to deviate from these targets, as prescribed by the 2017 circular department.

According to the minister, the criteria for recruiting all prospective employees, including, but not limited to, medical staff in the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health, must also be in line with the department’s 2018 recruitment and selection policy.



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