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Ramaphosa part of state capture hears Zondo



Cyril Ramaphosa “interfered with Eskom” at the time when he was the deputy president.

The allegation was made on Thursday night by Matshela Koko, former head of technology and commercial affairs at Eskom, in his testimony before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture.

Koko argued that Ramaphosa had interfered with Eskom and the board of Eskom.

Koko also argued that the true state capture of Eskom was actually by the mining company Glencore.

According to Koko, Ramaphosa was involved with Optimum Coal Holdings Limited when the company did not pay a fine of R1.4 billion owed to Eskom.

“They owed Eskom a fine of R1.4 billion. There is no reason why the fine was not paid, “Koko argued.

He says between March 2012 and June 2014, Glencore did not pay the fine. Nobody at Eskom followed it up. When Dan Marokane, former group head of Eskom Capital, testified before the commission, he was also not asked about this, according to Koko



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