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Zondo commission to ask for 3 months extension



The Zondo Commission of Inquiry into state capture will ask the Supreme Court for an extension until the end of June in order to complete its work.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says the commission lost precious time during the state of restraint, which was instituted at the end of March.

“For three months no evidence could be given. If we could work, we would have finished hearing testimonies by now. We would like to have those three months back so that we can hear our last testimonies, and also complete our report, ”Zondo said during an online session on Monday.

The commission may currently only sit until the end of March.

Zondo addressed the media on Monday about developments at the commission.

He says former pres. Jacob Zuma was informed that he would have to appear before the commission again in mid-January.

“It is important that Zuma appears again. The commission would like to ask him a series of questions, ”said Zondo.

“Zuma’s argument is that he does not have to appear because none of the evidence given has yet been related to him. As mentioned, however, we have questions that need to be asked of him about his involvement in certain transactions and decisions. He was the country’s president during that time. If we did not have questions for him, we would have left him out, ”says Zondo.



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