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Britain not optimistic about BREXIT deal



European Union (EU) officials said on Friday that a trade deal could finally be reached over the weekend, but the British government insisted that the Brexit negotiations were still “in a difficult stage”.

With just a few weeks left before Britain leaves the EU on December 31, an EU official said an agreement was “imminent”.

However, Britain sounded less optimistic after talks in London stalled on Thursday.

“There are still several problems to overcome. The time is short, and we are at a challenging point in the talks, “a spokesman for the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters on Friday.

Ultimately, Johnson – the face of 2016’s Brexit referendum campaign and leader of a country wrestling with the highest official Covid-19 mortality rate in Europe – will have to decide whether Britain will be better off making compromises or leaving the EU without an agreement.

Britain formally left the EU on 31 January but has since been in a period of transition, in which the rules on trade, travel, and business have remained unchanged.



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