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Donald Trump allegedly said "Mandela f#*#** up SA," according to convicted lawyer



Michael Cohen, former lawyer, and confidant of President Donald Trump claims in his new book Trump has made derogatory remarks to several black world leaders, including South Africa’s former president. Nelson Mandela.

Cohen worked closely with Trump for years before the relationship soured. Cohen testified against Trump last year before the US Congress.

He is currently under house arrest after being jailed, among other things, for making false statements to Congress. His memoir will be published next week.

According to the Washington Post , which has already reviewed the book, Cohen claims in it that Trump described Mandela as a bad leader.

Shortly after Mandela’s death in 2013, Trump apparently said: “Mandela has uprooted the whole country. It’s a sh #thole now . F#k Mandela. He was not a leader. “

Cohen further claims that Trump said: “Tell me about one country led by a black man who is not a sh * thole . They are all f**king toilets. ”

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany responded to the allegations by questioning Cohen’s credibility.

“Michael Cohen is a criminal and has been removed from the role. He lied to Congress.



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