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JUST IN: Joe Biden wins American election



According to Vox and Decision Desk HQ, and Fox News the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden has won the race to 270 electoral votes in America.

The Decision Desk HQ Tweeted out that Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America.

The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi congratulated Joe Biden on his victory.

According to the White House, the Democrats in America are trying to steal the election.

“This is a case of where they are trying to steal the election,” Trump said in the White House. He spoke for about 15 minutes before leaving the room without answering any questions.

Trump confidants say the president keeps a close eye on all developments and regularly talks to good friends and adjutants in the field.

Twitter and Facebook, meanwhile, have labeled several of the president’s posts as misleading.

Republicans breaking with President Trump:

There is so far no concrete evidence that Pres. Donald Trump’s statements about alleged election fraud cannot be substantiated and it will probably be difficult to get it.

This is what Benjamin Ginsberg, a reputed Republican election lawyer from Washington DC, told CNN on Friday.

Ginsberg is now the most senior member of Trump’s own Republican Party to openly criticize him for his remarks.

According to Ginsberg, the only credible way out for Trump is to come up with concrete evidence. “So far we have seen absolutely nothing of this nature.

“From experience, I have also learned that if you do not find or collect the relevant evidence yourself on polling day, you will not be able to get it right after the fact.”

Ballot recounting:

Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger has just announced at a news conference that the votes in that state will be counted.

He said 4,169 votes have yet to be counted and about 8,000 military votes are still in the post and will only be counted when it arrives at the end of the day.



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